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About Us

The Path 2 Alignment

Our Mission is to assist you in the process of unlocking your full potential and living a balanced life where you feel aligned with your true self. We are here to offer you practices that will assist you on the journey to not only finding, but, more importantly, maintaining alignment within your life.

Our Intention is to create a welcoming community space where you feel safe, supported and encouraged to explore yourself further through the practices and tools that we offer. 

Our Classes and Services are designed to be inclusive, in every aspect possible.We will meet you where you are at and guide you. Offering modifications and options that will allow you to be present with how you feel in that exact moment.

Our Name was created in recognition of the yogic goal of enlightenment; this state of transformation in which the true nature of the self and life is uncovered. It is said that achieving enlightenment can take many lifetimes. For some, this can appear daunting or even discouraging. What we believe we can focus on within this lifetime is a sense of Alignment; A recalibration with our own innate sense of balance and self.

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Meet Ashanna

Our Founder

Ashanna first discovered the asana side of yoga 6 years ago and has been on a committed journey ever since. After years of working in the media industry she pursued the opportunity to follow her passion to immerse further in yoga and moved countries to live and work at a Yoga and Meditation retreat centre in Cambodia. 

This transformative experience ignited her passions: to help others and share everything she has learnt along the way in a more formal sense as a teacher. She believes that one of the best aspects of yoga is its ability to guide you deeper within yourself; emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Specialising in Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation and Breath work,  Ashanna has the ability to intuitively read her students and customise her classes to cater to all levels. She aims to make yoga approachable, accessible and enjoyable for everyone so that they too can fall in love with the practice that has the powerful ability to help you embrace your true self and live more in alignment with your life.

‘First of all, Ashanna is always smiling. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, even then, I could tell that she was smiling. Ashanna is a happy person that tends to let her good vibes flow over. We had Ashanna come to our house for private yoga lessons so that my husband and I could learn a bit more about yoga and the various types. Ashanna took us through a variety Yoga sessions including vinyasa, yin and hatha. She made gentle adjustments where necessary to our poses whilst always reminding us that this was our practice and that we only go where we feel comfortable. In saying that, she also increased the intensity of some practices when we ask for a more intense session. I also feel very humbled to have met Ashanna, she helped my husbands reservations towards yoga change to him now seeing the positive effects that yoga has not only on the body but the mind inclusively.’

Hollie. S

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