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Private Classes & Programs

An Attentive, Customized Plan For Your Development

In Person Or Online

The beauty and value of a Private Class and Program is the level of specificity and attentiveness the teacher is able to provide to you. It is particularly beneficial in adapting the practice to your unique body and working towards your specific goals or even working with specific injuries or mobility limitations. 

Sometimes when you are new to this practice studio spaces can feel intimidating - like you need to already be at a specific level to even attend a class. 

This is not the case with our classes on offer, but if this is how you feel we are here to help you feel more comfortable within your own body and within your own practice.

These Private Classes that come with your very own Program are more than just the physical poses. You have the opportunity to harness powerful tools like Meditation, Breath Work, Mindfulness, Mindful Movement and more!

We can come to you, so that you can feel even more comfortable within your own home, or our space is available as well.

If reading all of this has made you excited to embark on a committed journey to feeling more aligned to your true self, click the button below and let's talk about how we can help you!

Private Classes & Programs: About Us
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