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Corporate Yoga & Wellness Seminars

Make The Wellbeing Of Your Workplace A Priority

The aim of our Corporate Yoga and Wellness Seminar programs are to not only provide some much needed space to recharge, relax and reset, but to also educate and give your employees / coworkers powerful tools to utilise within their everyday lives to literally improve their lives!

You tell us what your goals are, and we can help you to achieve them with our customisable packages and prices. 

Corporate Yoga

We come to your workplace to make things even easier or you come to us.

Wellness Seminars

Education, activities and tools centred around important topics such as Stress Management, Breath Work, Meditation and Mindfulness. These seminars are also great for team building.

OR Both

A combination of education integrated with a physical practice 

Costs vary depending on how many students attend the classes, the duration of the sessions and number of sessions. The more sessions you book, the cheaper the rate becomes.

Classes can be paid for in full by the company OR employees can pitch in together to cover the costs.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased productivity

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety

  • Improve sense of community and wellbeing in the workplace

We look forward to speaking with you today!

Email us now to obtain your quote: or click on the button below.

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